Finding a new way does not mean closing the old way.

There are so many opportunities, so just catch them!

Janik Urbach


In my free time, I love to deal with many things. Everything started with a comedy Youtube channel. Then an administration system for virtual companies of a gaming community. After that, I was one of three founders of a web radio called “SimLiveRadio”.


This is more for my German friends. It is amazing what live interaction could mean. Playing and chatting live is something I really love. Moreover, sometimes I´m dealing with a talk show and stuffs like that. So real events – Live on Twitch.


Seeing things out of a new perspective is incredible. Give me a camera and I am happy. Taking pictures or making short movies is more than the end product. It is a process and I love this!

About myself.

Janik Urbach

There is always something you can´t see. But it is still there.

My name is Janik, alias Urbaechsle. I was born in the late 90s and count 19 years.
My hometown is the beautiful City Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony in Germany. Well, there I lived my whole life. Besides filming and stuff like that, I play tennis, be a soccer referee and skiing teacher in Austria.
I love travelling, and the best thing is sailing around the world. But actually, I am travelling in Canada with a car.

Inspire or be inspired

Seeing the world out of another angle could change everything. Taking pictures is more than pick up your camera, shoot and be fine. You have to feel, feel the nature, the persons, the surroundings. You have to set you in and then you will feel it.

JU Production Team

I do a lot, but I can´t deal with everything.

Janik Urbach

Janik Urbach

Head of JU Production
I am a person with many interests. I love Webdesign & Development, taking pictures and filming. Furthermore, I am a radio moderator and streamer. All in all, you could say I deal a lot in public. Most of the time I spend in Projects like Trucking VS or SimLiveRadio with marketing management.

Alexander Specht

Alexander Specht

Travel mate
I´m 18 years old and Janik's travel mate. And you could say, I am the protagonist or the photographer if he wants to have a photo.

Latest News

While I am doing all this stuff I am posting a lot on Instagram. However, sometimes there is more than just a picture. There are more words needed. Whenever I want to share something bigger with you, it will be here. Because actually, I can´t deal with these VLOGs on YouTube, its weird for me.