About Me

Name: Janik R. W. Urbach
Age: 20 Years
Hometown: Wolfsburg
Actual: Somewhere in NRW
Job: Student of Architecture

Hobbies: Tennis, Skiing, Travelling, Streaming, Webdesign, Musician, Filming, Traveling

For sure, one time in your life somebody asks you, to describe yourself.
Well, I´ll try:

My Name is Janik and I am a young, open-minded student from Germany. I love to make new experiences, dealing with bigger projects and being an allrounder. But if something doesn´t work the way I want it to, I can be annoying.
Nevertheless, I am a friendly and dedicated guy who loves what he does. And if I do something, then with all my heart! Furthermore, I love to work in a team, because it is more fun and you can learn from each other – for the best end product!
Because of my special ideas, some people would call me crazy, but I´m totally proud of it!

“Live the life you live!”


Freetime for me is having time for something else. For my hobbies or passions.

For my whole life, I was always doing something. As a little boy I used to spend a lot of time in the basement: building a supermarket, hardware store, bowling alley, restaurant. Whatever was in my mind – so pretty creative – and for sure, just for fun. Never real business. When I got older I did more on the Computer. I started a gaming community, founded Trucking VS, one year later the internet radio SimLiveRadio, which is the most german popular internet radio for the simulator community. So I did a lot and actually still do it.
Furthermore, I started streaming in late 2018 – and I love it. For my Canada Trip I did a break, since December 2019 I am back on twitch.
Last but not least, I am looking forward to new projects in connection with filming, shows and twitch.


Numbers, Pages, Keynote
Traktor Pro, Mixxx, Ableton
Php, HTML, WordPress, CSS
Broadcasting Software & Filming
Photoshop (Adobe & Affinity Designer/Photo)


Final Cut Pro X




Between my experience with my own projects here some real experience!

Volkswagen AG

I worked as a holiday worker for Volkswagen in factory/production in night shift.
Well, interesting experience. I would do it again as a holiday job. But working in a factory for all my life? Absolutely not. I need a job with communication and people.

Skischule Werner Kirschner & Kollegen GmbH

Whenever I have the time I love to work as a skiing teacher. To work with people and for people with the same passion as me is amazing. Furthermore, to be in nature while you work is wonderful.
Most of the time I work with kids and teenager.

Pristine Labour

My Constructor time in Canada. Pristine Labour is an agency so I worked on different construction sites.
Well cleaning the site, simple tasks all the time, things I don´t want to do in the future. But another way to see the world. And the view from the roof of a skyscraper that is still under construction is incredible.